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和平饭店曾招待过众多名流贵宾,被誉为“人生奢华极致之地”。Recreating the Legend of Blossoms Shanghai




Project time: 2010

Project content: interior design

Project location: ShangHai


With the TV series Blossoms Shanghai going viral

Peace Hotel Shanghai has once again captured public attention

Originally built in 1929, this legendary building

as the first Gothic modernist building in Shanghai's architectural history

was once hailed as the "First Building in the Far East"

Situated at the famous Bund promenade, Shanghai's prime site,
the Fairmont Peace Hotel is distinguished by its dark green copper pyramid.
As a symbol of Shanghai's heyday in the 1920s and 1930s,
Peace Hotel hosted many celebrities and VIPs and was known as the "place for the ultimate luxury".

The hotel building has weathered the years.
In 2007,
HBA teamed up with renowned Chinese architects and historians to complete a three-year restoration and renovation project.
The restoration aimed to preserve and honor the triple value of the building for its historical significance,
technological advancement, and artistic merit.
Based on maintaining the original look,
 the building was renewed, expanded, and upgraded to improve the quality and comfort of guest rooms.
At the same time, the ventilation, drainage, and heating equipment were renovated to modernize the functionality of the facilities.

Let's venture inside the Peace Hotel and discover its rich history and current charm!

Walking through the revolving door and into the right reception lobby,
 you will be greeted by the nostalgic charm of Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s.
The richly patterned carpets gracefully welcome each visitor.


The Octagonal Hall on the first floor was one of the centerpieces of this restoration project,
designed to recreate the past grandeur and spaciousness.
The floor is paved with cream-colored marble,
and the octagonal deformation joints are exquisitely depicted with various textures of European stone.
The surrounding walls are decorated with huge reliefs outlining the Bund in the era of the Republic of China.

The antique brass octagonal carved chandelier is carefully crafted from black metal and translucent glass.
The light passes through the intricately engraved interlocking curves and V-shaped patterns on the lampshade, as breathtakingly beautiful as they are elegant.

The restored Octagonal Hall is splendid, spacious,
and bright, perfectly capturing the magnificence of the 'First Building in the Far East'.

The "Chinese character Feng-shaped" corridor leads to the three entrances/exits of the hotel,
and its stunning dome and elegant chandeliers command your attention.
The designers ingeniously concealed the facilities and pipelines to maximize the quality and visual effect of every little detail.

During the restoration of DRAGON PHOENIX,
the design team meticulously trimmed the detailed color tones on the beams and ceilings while preserving the interior columns,
ceilings, and windows as intact as possible.
At the same time, the air-conditioning and ventilation systems were updated,
and new sprinklers were added, significantly enhancing the practicality and safety of DRAGON PHOENIX.

The lavishly ornamented space boasts magnificent traditional Chinese elements,
such as good fortune brought by the dragon and phoenix, twin dragons frolicking with pearls,
and indigenous totem features, to create a graceful and luxurious ambiance.

The Jazz Bar at the Peace Hotel, a jazz legend in the industry,
 is more than just a place featuring the live performance of the renowned oldest Jazz Band in the world (with an average age of over 80 years old)
but a journey back in time to the glamorous days of old Shanghai indulging in drinking
and mingling through its rich Art Deco style. Pictures of red velvet high-backed single chairs,
wooden wall panels and columns, and old-fashioned table lamps give an elegant, Shanghai-style vibe.

Every element of the interior color scheme at the Peace Hotel has been meticulously selected to accentuate a sense of prestige.

The interior design is a superb reproduction of the hotel's Art Deco heritage,
combined with streamlined furnishings and modern fittings to keep the accommodation functionally
and qualitatively at the top level of luxury worldwide.
The newly transformed Peace Hotel has 270 luxurious guest rooms and suites,
of which the renowned "Nine Nations Suite" remains the highlight.
The conservation design of guest rooms based on the concept of "renovating the old as old" has been highly recognized by the community.

Once the private bedroom and study of Sir Victor Sassoon,
the Sassoon Presidential Suite has welcomed many celebrities such as Marlene Dietrich and Charlie Chaplin.
The designers recreated the lavish English Baroque style in the 17th and 18th centuries,
skillfully restored the original ballroom, and fixed the exquisitely carved columns,
 keeping the timeless charm and vintage elegance of the suite alive.

With a century of stories behind it, the Peace Hotel

remains one of the most sought-after hotels in Shanghai

The past feels like a fleeting dream, yet the original inspiration stays true

Prepare to be amazed by the abundance of treasures and stories

that await you here

Paula graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), one of the largest art schools in the United States, with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree.

With a background in arts, Paula is also well-versed in architectural design, specializing in skillfully balancing decorative and technical aspects to create unique designs and blend furniture and fixtures seamlessly with the surrounding architectural elements. Paula has been involved in many high-profile new construction, renovation, and historic restoration projects for high-end hotels, including the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco, the Four Seasons Singapore, the Fairmont Peace Hotel Shanghai, the Waldorf Astoria Shanghai, and the One&Only Portonovi Montenegro, the first One&Only resort in Europe, which opened in recent years.

Having lived and worked in many countries, Paula is a well-traveled artist with great sensitivity and understanding of cultures around the globe, from which she can draw unique insights to meet the challenges of graphic hospitality projects perfectly.

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