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Welcome to browse and use the website of Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction Decoration Co., Ltd. (http://www.goldmantis.com/, hereinafter referred to as “this website”). When you access to this website, please comply with the following provisions. Please carefully read and understand the content in this page. If you download necessary materials from this website for non-commercial purposes (except for the information containing the copyright and other proprietary information), you are deemed to accept and agree to comply with these provisions.

The following contents may be subject to change from time to time, please check them periodically.

The trademarks, service marks, design and any other intellectual property rights covered in this website are in the possession of Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction Co., Ltd. or duly authorized by the owner. Without the formal written authorization of Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction Co., Ltd or relevant third party, no person can use them arbitrarily, including but not limited to reproduction, copy , modification, publication, release, conveying, and distribution of the contents in text, picture , audio, video, images in the website, otherwise, offenders will be investigated with civil and even criminal responsibility.

Although accurate and timely information and content will be provided in this website, but these information and contents are only limited to their existing status, and we do not give any express or implied guarantee on the accuracy and punctuality. We will not assume any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential damage liability generating from access to or use of this website. Be careful with your software and equipments. In addition, we will not assume any responsibility for the external links provided for your convenience.

1.You are free to register in this website to become a member. If you register in this website, you can provide your personal information to us. We will respect your right of privacy and keep your personal information in confidentiality.

2.All and any messages or materials delivered to this website, including without limitation, comments, customer feedback, preferences, advice, support, requests, problems, etc., will be regarded as non-confidential and non-proprietary data; when these data and information are delivered to this website and accepted, it will be regarded that you agree that they can be used free for survey, statistics or for internal use in this website.

3.When your information is used for survey, statistics or internal use in this website, we will automatically collect technical data which are not enough to recognize your personal identity or store a small amount of data in your hard disk, which aims at providing better services to you; unless agreed by you, we will not disclose any information that can recognize your personal identity to any third party.

4.We will not assume any responsibility for any contents discussed, transmitted, chatted or announced on the announcement board in this website, but we prohibit you from sending and issuing any slander, defamation, disinformation, pornography and other illegal or immoral information and views. We shall have the right to manage and supervise them but not assume any responsibility for them.

5.We are not intended to collect any information of minors (16 years old or younger), nor disclose the information of minors to any third party; and we remind parents should supervise and take responsibility for their children's personal information when using the Internet. If a minor voluntarily provides and discloses the personal information via bulletin boards or similar forms, which are used or disseminated by others, we are not responsible for them.


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