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It is well known that construction and decoration industry faces several difficulties such as wide geographical distribution, large span of management and the copy of management mode. Gold Mantis formulated a series of management systems targeting at these difficulties.
The development of an enterprise relies on opportunities in five years, systems in ten years, talents in twenty years and culture for a long term. Gold Mantis has undergone glorious two decades. The core of its corporate culture is to become a company that competitors respect, customers choose and trust, a company that clients choose and trust, a company with social acceptance and stock investor's preference, and a company where staff can rely and achieve self-accomplishment.
With two decades of experiences, Gold Mantis has summarized 8 core management principles, which are to unify standards and increase cohesiveness; to convene two meetings; to prohibit irresponsible decisions, assurance and avoidance of duty; to promote the goal of "four Gold Mantis"; to strengthen five abilities and five awareness; to adhere to six paths; to manage team work; and to implement the eight-word policy. All these principles complement and promote each other.
Among them, the six paths are being given a high priority by the management. Six paths include professionalization, standardization, systematization, streamlining, information management and transparency. Information management is a key factor in the innovation endeavor of Gold Mantis.
The company put forward the goal of information management ten years ago. After the observations and studies of several parties, and an investment of over 20 million yuan, Gold Mantis managed to develop an ERP system applicable to decoration industry in seven years. The system has already had 7 software copyrights authorized by National Copyright Administration.

• ERP management system
Guided by 50/80 management system, Gold Mantis independently designed and developed the ERP system, introduced the application system and implemented the information systems for marketing, project design, engineering projects, enterprise materials, human resources, administration, production and manufacturing and financial management. Various operation and management activities are covered, which fully displays the advantages of information management in terms of cost reduction, efficiency improvement and process optimization.

Process management:
Through the IT application system, company headquarter, branch companies and project departments that are widely spread can be gathered together in the same information platform, which enhances the coordination and efficiency of headquarter and its subordinate units and delivers more accurate and in-time information communications. Process management realizes the effective integration of information flow, logistics and capital flow and standardizes management.

Integrated project management and control :
In this way, progress, costs, funds, and quality of a project can be effectively controlled. The whole life cycle of the project is managed and personnel, finance, materials and other materials are optimized and integrated, which raises the overall control and coordination on the project.

Decision analysis:
Analyze the past, look at the present and predict the future. Through the collection, management and analysis of various business data in the system, decision makers at all levels can gain relevant knowledge and insight so as to improve decisions and take effective measures, thus promoting the comprehensive competitiveness of the company.

• BI management system
BI management cockpit displays various indicators in a graphical and direct way. It supports "drilling query" and realizes a gradual and deepening analysis of indicators. The management cockpit is a management information center system as One-Stop decision support for upper management. In the form of a cockpit, it presents KIP of enterprises operation through several common charts (speed chart, volume column, early warning radar and radar ball) for intuitive observation of the company. It can also send out early warning and analyze abnormal KPI.

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