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Gold Mantis won the 2023 Worker Pioneer of Jiangsu Province Housing and Urban-Rural Construction System

Recently, the Working Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Construction Trade Union released the list of “Worker Pioneers of Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction System”, and the project department of Gold Mantis Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital (Dingjiazhuang) was on the list. The project has a complex structure and many high-altitude operations. The project department strictly controlled the safety and quality, implemented refined management, and made great efforts to promote the progress of various works to ensure that the project is delivered on schedule, which set a benchmark for high-quality projects and enhance the corporate brand image.


In addition, Nanjing Niushoushan Donglu Commercial Engineering Project Departmen was also awarded the “Worker Pioneer” of Nanjing Urban Construction System, which reflects that Gold Mantis always adheres to customer-oriented to work in the first line of the project, forges responsibility by working hard, sticks to the original intention with ingenuity, and strives to create high-quality projects. 


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