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Driven by innovation and leading technology, Gold Mantis awarded as an information model enterprise in the construction and decoration industry of Jiangsu Province once again

Recently, the Ninth Decoration Industry Informatization Conference of Jiangsu Decoration Industry Association (Chamber of Commerce) was held in Nanjing. It is an annual event of Jiangsu decoration industry, and in the conference, the development of the industry was reviewed and discussed based on the current trend, further stimulating the source of power to promote the high-quality development of the industry.


Gold Mantis is the sole company winning the honor of “Model Enterprise of Jiangsu Decoration Industry Information Construction in 2021-2022”. This is an encouragement and spur to the company, which will definitely promote the company’s continuous development and innovation and make great contributions to the industrial development. 

 Over the years, Gold Mantis has followed the innovation-driven strategy with the aim of high-quality development, and actively promoted the information construction and improved management radius, and developed an information management platform focusing on “ERP + mobile Gold Mantis + project management command center + enterprise management cockpit”, to achieve the digital management and provide efficient and scientific decision-making support for the company.


Gold Mantis will continue to break through itself, promote the transformation of digital management, and promote the high-quality development of enterprise industrialization, informatization, and digitalization.




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