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Aim high Build up momentum Ranked first in China's top 100 building decoration enterprises for 20 consecutive years

Ranked first for 20 consecutive years according to the industry statistics of China Building Decoration Association (CBDA), thanks to the concerted efforts of the company’s management team and all employees over the years and the absolute solidarity and sincere cooperation with customers, shareholders, and partners for shared success.


Aim high and advance with great momentum. Striving for excellence is not just action but also a state of using all our strengths and abilities to the fullest potential.


Persevere in continuous exploration and innovation,

press ahead against all difficulties, and never give up in the face of failure; stay active and keep learning, never be satisfied with marking time and being mediocre; know how to “start afresh” and keep an “empty-cup mentality”, clearing out any preconceived notions or assumptions as appropriate and adopting a mindset of consistently “starting afresh”.


Small streams, if left unblocked, can merge together and form a mighty river; striving for excellence is about consistently pushing ourselves to be better with unremitting efforts; the future lies in growing continuously”. The ideal will never discard those who pursue their dreams with sincerity and diligence. As long as we keep pushing ourselves and never give up on our aspirations, we will be bathed in its light and achieve great things. If we tap into our own inner power and resilience, there is nothing we cannot overcome.


Something as small as a drop of water can eventually join with others to form something as vast and powerful as the ocean; a speck of dust, when accumulated, can grow into a towering mountain. Every little bit counts and can add up to something incredible. GOLD MANTIS is willing to work with all top 100 enterprises, stay true to our original aspirations and ingenuity, build up momentum and forge ahead, and continue to drive the sustainable and healthy development of the decoration industry.



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