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Gold Mantis won "Top 80 Chinese Contractors and Top 60 Engineering Design Enterprises" by 2022ENR Construction Times


The list of "Top 80 Chinese Contractors and Top 60 Engineering Design Enterprises" in 2022 was released recently. Gold Mantis won two awards again and became the only decoration company that won both awards.


The award is appraised mainly based on the Company's engineering contracting and engineering design business income in the previous year, and is comprehensively considered based on the company's research and development achievements, net assets, and profit margins as reference indices. It has strong social credibility and influence. Gold Mantis has been awarded for many years consecutively, fully demonstrating its comprehensive strength and management level. Gold Mantis will continue to create more high-quality projects with excellence and ingenuity, continue to innovate, enhance the core competitiveness and achieve sustainable and healthy development. 



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