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Strive for Excellence, Add Value for Customers—GOLD MANTIS Construction Record of Zhangjiagang R&D Center of Great Wall Motor Project


As an important base for Great Wall Spotlight Automotive’s vehicle research and development in the south, Zhangjiagang Lvzhi Technology Center is built for scientific researchers to develop traditional fuel and new energy models. To offer more comfortable office conditions for these scientific elites more effectively, GOLD MANTIS Branch 8 fully exerted its professional strength, strengthened internal coordination with various departments, unified deployment, strictly controlled the construction quality, and delivered the project on schedule, which won high praise from the owner.


To thoroughly implement the green and intelligent theme of the whole project, L.J.T has applied IOT, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and other technologies to build intelligent systems such as intelligent security, intelligent parking, energy consumption management, and personnel access management based on B/S architecture, which not only save the cost of human resource management, but also improve the operational efficiency of the office building and create a highly efficient and low energy consumption office environment at the same time.


The Lvzhi Technology Center Project has a construction area of 65,309 m2, with a total of twenty-six floors in this tender section, including reception lobby, car showroom, fitness area, yoga area, cafeteria and dining area, shared conference room, staff room, office area, and other functional zones, with a modern minimalist style design.




Whole Process Control

Perfectly present the design effect


According to the project manager, all professions followed unified planning, conducted collaborative operation, addressed the design and construction connection and other issues reasonably during the construction of the Lvzhi Technology Center, and ensured the comprehensive accomplishment of project safety, quality, and schedule objectives from planning to implementation.



The construction process fully demonstrated the advantages of GOLD MANTIS such as product-based construction, joint order, and forced positioning. Especially in the control of ceiling, round glass booth and other construction, the size and curvature were unified, and the foundation module and pre-layout were completed at the back; precise positioning was performed during the field installation, while attention was paid to joint treatment to save time, labor, and materials, with an excellent styling effect and low installation cost. For the curved special-shaped pillar lamp, the acrylic cover plate pre-selected in the original design discussion had many gaps and was hard to control. Inspired by the hotel project mutual inspection of the company, the project manager applied new GRG flexible light to achieve the effect of dual curved special-shaped pillar lamp.



With the same goal, the project department worked together with the owner relentlessly. The construction team promptly consolidated the process, base layer practices, surface finishing methods, etc., implemented the scientific construction organization plan, conducted exquisite work, and ensure the design effect through scientific quality control. With a deep understanding of the design requirements and core demands of the owner, the project department conducted sufficient communication and benchmarking to finally accomplish the quality, schedule, and other project management goals.




Strive for Excellence

Add Value for Customers


In the early stage of the project, to facilitate the communication with the owner and the handover with the team, the project department adopted 3D modeling to communicate more intuitively with Party A and insisted on completing 3D node handover, including the completion of 3D dynamic traffic flow simulation, etc.



During the construction, the project team ensured the project quality control to advance in an orderly manner through the overall planning of decoration, electromechanical and other supporting facilities, as well as taking measures such as construction management process flow separate chart, construction field pavement drawing, joint order, 3D drawing handover, and back site deep processing management, which also guaranteed the high quality of the project.


Facing massive unfavorable factors such as tight schedule and difficult site working face handover, the project team rose to the challenge, overcame all difficulties, proactively cooperated with the supervision and management of the owner and the supervisor, successfully accomplished the owner’s node plan and completed the objectives of each phase; won the first place in the region during the inspection tour by the inspection department of the owner, and received a commendation letter of recognition from the owner.




Technology Empowerment

Intelligent Operation


Intelligent integrated management combines security management, personnel management, parking management, parking guidance, and other functions, using the latest domestic super brain recognition technology to implement accurate face analysis and application through intelligence face recognition based on deep learning, which allows for overall arrangement and control with face database import and authorization by one click. The deep frame-by-frame tracking and monitoring technology further reduces false alarms, conducts invalid targets intelligent filtering, implements control for key personnel, early warning prompt for strangers, and forms a dynamic travel route trajectory at the back end. Meanwhile, it has a huge memory space, which allows for monitoring retention time up to 60 days, with automatic overwrite when the memory is full.



Based on the layered management layout, tailored intelligent system is designed for floors with different functional uses. The parking area is equipped with a parking space guidance system, which scientifically controls the parking capacity and guides the traffic flow reasonably and efficiently. The functional floor is mainly for restaurants/kitchens and conference rooms, with face recognition instead of traditional card mode in the restaurant to improve dining efficiency; the intelligent conference system effectively resolves the defects of traditional conference deployment and complex use, and substantially improves the conference efficiency and conference room turnover rate. The apartment floor is equipped with energy consumption metering system, which analyzes power consumption by different users and minimizes energy consumption.






Quality and Quantity Guaranteed

On-time Delivery


Facing the tight schedule and high standard quality requirements, the project department developed special safety, civilized and standardized construction schemes and implementation measures. All professional units are required to learn the drawings thoroughly and conduct comprehensive analysis of multi-professional construction content in advance to ensure that the simultaneous construction of the base and surface layers of the rush work, which can shorten the construction period more effectively without sacrificing the quality.



The excellent image of GOLD MANTIS being more focused and professional demonstrated by the project department has been highly praised by the senior department of the owner, laying a solid foundation for the long-term cooperation and development in the future.



During the repeated flare-ups of the pandemic, the project department always took the customer first, actively assumed the task of pandemic control, strictly disinfected, performed strict disinfection, body temperature measurement, inspection, and registration of personnel accessing the construction site on a daily basis, and made every effort to cooperate with the government and the community. After the pandemic situation improved, the project department actively organized work resumption, conducted the nucleic acid test on all staff in an orderly manner, carried out the normal construction as fast as possible, and overcome all difficulties to guarantee the achievement of the owner’s schedule requirements.


“Stay true to our original aspiration to achieve the final success”, GOLD MANTIS always adheres to the “craftsmanship”, thoroughly implements the “customer-centered” service concept, and strives to create more high-quality projects with professionalism and craftsmanship.




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