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Gold Mantis Decoration and Gold Mantis Curtain Wall were selected as preferred suppliers of China's top 100 real estate companies in 2020

Recently, “The 2020China Real Estate Brand Conference-China Real Estate Supplier Brand Forum& DoubleHundred Matchmaking Conference” co-hosted by China Real Estate News, China RealEstate Network, China Real Estate New Media, China Real Estate Think Tank, andFangcai China, was held in Beijing. 



As an annual brandevent in the industry, elite representatives from industry, academia, andresearch of the construction industry chains including China Academy ofBuilding Research, Architectural Society of China, Central University ofFinance and Economics, Modern Land, Landsea Group, and Zhongliang Real EstateGroup, etc. were invited to this Forum, and they launched a collision of ideasthrough the form of summit forums to have insight into new ecology of the industryand promote the quality upgrading and high-quality development. 



The forum releasedthe "Top 50 Brands of Chinese Real Estate Supply Chain ManagementInnovation in 2020”, and “Preferred Supplier Brands of China's Top 100 RealEstate Companies in 2020”. Gold Mantis Decoration was selected as TOP10 in thefine decoration engineering category of Preferred Supplier Brands of China'sTop 100 Real Estate Companies in 2020, and Gold Mantis Curtain Wall wasselected as the TOP10 in the curtain wall category of Preferred Supplier Brandsof China's Top 100 Real Estate Companies in 2020.



This appraisal wasbased on the appraisal system developed by China Real Estate News and ChinaReal Estate Think Tank. According to the indicators such as enterprise scale,brand influence, brand exposure, housing enterprise preference, and consumersatisfaction, etc., the appraisal was made through online voting, expert reviewand comprehensive evaluation after 3 months.


Being listed as oneof the Preferred Supplier Brands of China's Top 100 Real Estate Companies in2020 is an affirmation and commendation for Gold Mantis Decoration and GoldMantis Curtain Wall, and also reflects the company’s comprehensive strength. Inthe future, we will continue to work hard to accelerate the process ofindependent innovation and independent research and development, enhance theenterprise’s core competitiveness, increase the enterprise’s overall strength,and strive to achieve healthy, stable and long-term development.     


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