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A Quiet Land Concealed in the Bustling City and a New Landmark in the Spring City in the Northern Kingdom --A Documentary of Gold Mantis Changchun Wanda Wenhua Hotel


Changchun, a nationalfamous city in the history and culture, is the birthplace of the famous FAW andChangchun Film Studio. One of the four landscape cities in China, it enjoys thehonor as ‘spring city in the Northern Kingdom’ and its forestation rate standsamong the top among Asian cities. That’s why so many companies and brands getsettled in the spring city. As a famous fancy hotel brand in China, WandaWenhua Hotel gets settled in Changchun for the first time. It was open topublic in the fourth quarter of 2019 and thus added radiance to the beautifulcity of flowers.



Wanda Hotel DesigningInstitute is in charge of designing Changchun Fuli Wanda Wenhua Hotel. Thedesigners adopt creative actions when it comes to application of materials asthey boldly inject new life to the filming culture and industrial factors inChangchun and fuse profuse local characteristics to the hotel. It brings aboutthe oriental beauty in particularities.


Gold Mantis isresponsible for construction of administrative lounge, full-time dining hall,guest room (administrative floor and common floor), elevator hall and otherareas. After six-month-long efforts, the project department contributes toensuring successful opening of the hotel.


The full-time diningroom integrates the ‘city of industry’ into designing, as the metal frame, gearand old pictures shoulder ‘memory of Changchun’ and elements glistened with oldindustrial base of Northeast China can be seen everywhere. Against such asetting, guests can relish in gourmets from all over the world, appreciate thegushing flow of people through the window, feel the cultural atmosphere in theindustrial city and get more access to the changes of time.



It is noteworthy tomention that the heating air outlet of the dining room in the constructionprocess applies bronze stainless steel manufacturing techniques. To realize theheat dissipation and maintenance standards of the heating radiator, the projectdepartment embeds honeycomb steel inside it and uses wall cloth on the surfaceof the steel plate for pasting so as to ensure that the usage standards and thedesigning effects can be met.


By applying theexpression means of classical Chinese garden, the spatial layout of ‘RedFlagship No. 1’, the Chinese restaurant, perfectly mixes cloisonne, enamel wireinlay, wire glass, hand embroidery and landscape art in it.


A comfortable andquiet commercial atmosphere is forged in the lounge of the lobby. Guests cansip a cup of chilly wine and appreciate the flickering light in the broadspace. They can also have a taste of a cup of tea and observe the uproar of thecity. It is pleasant experience.


Changchun Fuli WandaWenhua Hotel has 235 guest rooms that integrate modern and oriental aestheticsinto one, which cover 45 fancy apartment rooms. The decoration style of theguest rooms can be said as extension of the hotel’s overall local culturalfeatures, as can be reflected in the clivia at the bedside, the table lampdemonstrating filmstrip styles, the solid wood furniture representing theexpansive ocean of forests in Changbai Mountain, a flower, a ray of shadow or astrip of natural texture. You can naturally get hold of the significance oftravelling and enjoy the charm of ‘another’ city when you are here.


Delicate works comeout of diligent work. Each piece of fancy works can’t do without hard work ofpeople working behind it. With initial intention in mind, all staffs in GoldMantis keep in mind their mission of being devoted to improving humansettlement and contributing all their efforts to launch delicate projects. Inthe future, we will continue to serve as an outstanding server and display thebest of our efforts to bring our most delicate art to the utmost so that we candeliver a satisfying questionnaire to our clients.




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