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Gold Mantis Won First Prize in the List of Annual Comprehensive Data Statistics and Design

Guangzhouunfolds a vibrant scene with its passion in July. Another popular scene is thereveal of the list of annual comprehensive data design for domestic buildingdecoration industry (top 50). Thanks to its outstanding design, terrificquality and qualified services, Gold Mantis won the first prize for ten yearson end.

 Organizedby China Architectural Ornament Society, comprehensive data statistics (for design)for domestic building decoration industry is to conduct statistics andappraisal of comprehensive data on high-end decoration and design, brandinfluence, industry supporting design and service capacity. It also announcedthe list of Top 50 companies on design of the year.


Theactivity also launched face-to-face design namely Summit Forum on Western andEastern Design and Exchange. Li Chunhua, vice president of Gold Mantis andexecutive director of the Design Institute carried out discussion andinteraction on the current design tendency and industry clout with bigwigs onbehalf of Gold Mantis Design Institute, which triggered reflection,exploration, collision and consensus on the part of over 500 audiences.


Inthe future, Gold Mantis Design is to continue to dig into and make innovationon decoration design, stick to professional development of design, andcontribute to China’s sound and continuous development of its decoration designindustry as a leading representative.




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