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Gold Mantis Won Social Responsibility Reward for Listed Companies of the Year


Of late, 2020 ‘Golden Merit Reward’Ceremony was revealed in Shanghai. In the list on Annual Reward for CapitalMarket, Gold Mantis won SocialResponsibility Reward for Listed Companies of the Year.


Initiatedin 2018, Golden Merit Reward is an annual benchmark reward for domestic capitalmarket. As it prioritizes inner core competitiveness and long-term strategiesand would roundly and objectively appraise a listed company’s comprehensivestrength and value, it is receiving increased approval and attention on thepart of organizational investors, value investors and leading companies ofvarying industries.


Thatit won the reward is closely related with its years-long observation of socialresponsibility and is also a full proof of approval and affirmation on the partof the market and the field for its endeavor to social welfare course, povertyrelief and performance of social responsibilities. In the future, Gold Mantisis to stick to its mission of ‘being devoted to improving human settlement’, contentiouslycreate values to shareholders and actively repay the society. 




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