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Gold Mantis won the 2023 Worker Pioneer of Jiangsu.. 【2023-05-08】
Gold Mantis won 7 provincial construction methods .. 【2023-04-28】
Driven by innovation and leading technology, Gold .. 【2023-04-21】
Aim high Build up momentum Ranked first in China.. 【2023-03-17】
Gold Mantis Won 8 National Quality Engineering Awa.. 【2023-03-07】
Exquisite Craftsmanship for Top Quality —Gold Man.. 【2023-02-02】
Gold Mantis won "Top 80 Chinese Contractors a.. 【2022-12-06】
Gold Mantis won Huawei's "Engineering Exc.. 【2022-12-02】
Strive for Excellence, Add Value for Customers—GO.. 【2022-11-16】
Proud Plum Blossoms Again—GOLD MANTIS Renovation .. 【2022-11-16】
Ancient Culture of Nanjing, New Business in Qinhua.. 【2022-11-09】
Bright Light in Great Tang All Day Mall- Xi'an.. 【2022-10-20】
Pursuing low carbon, environmental protection and .. 【2022-10-08】
Gold Mantis -Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center 【2022-09-29】
Gold Mantis ranks first in the Top 10 Retail, seco.. 【2022-09-14】
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