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Trust is the most important cornerstone for building the human society. In the social sciences, trust is considered a dependent relationship. German sociologist Niklas Luhmann believed that, trust is to simplify the cooperation relationship between people. To trust others is a precondition for bilateral cooperation, which means necessary to bear the risk of harms by the other's behaviors.

In the past one year, Gold Mantis harvested many new breakthrough: taking the first step for internationalization in the design; entering a new stage in the information management; the company's operating performance still maintained a rapid growth, and so on. All are inseparable from the support and trust of various social circles on Gold Mantis.


In 2012, Gold Mantis was awarded “Award for best business ethics of China's Best Corporate Citizens” jointly selected by 21st Century Business Herald and 21st Century Business Review. This honor reflects the recognition on the company's “win-win cooperation” by all sectors of society. To continue to win the trust and affirmation of customers, investors on the quality of Gold Mantis, the company will continue to adhere to operate honestly, always implement the business philosophy “Help customers to succeed, and we can succeed”, and constantly enhance their quality and service, to achieve added customer values.


As an industry leader, Gold Mantis adheres to be a responsible corporate organization, strives to identify, understand and respond to the focus of various stakeholders, take responsibility for them and keep transparent. We still believe that, the standard to measure the enterprise's fulfillment of social responsibility is not just a report text commentary, but more important, seek common points while reserving difference with all participants, and seek the direction of common development.

Gold Mantis - China's first decorative brand for sustainable development, is looking forward to your cooperation for win-win and creating a bright future!


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