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Gold Mantis Construction Investment Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Gold Mantis of establishing PPP business section, is committed to developing a management platform featured by internal and external combination, system construction, marketing first, management priority, resource integration and financing security. It aims to build PPP business with Gold Mantis features in terms of financing, construction, operations, etc.


The company's main business includes industrial investment; construction and design of architectural decoration engineering, municipal public works, landscape construction and greening projects, water conservancy projects, urban and road lighting projects, automation engineering, communication engineering and electromechanical equipment installation projects; development and integration of IOT systems, R&D and sales of computer smart devices, etc. Gold Mantis Group has completed the investment layout of green building materials, smart home, operation management and building intelligence. At present, it is vigorously exploring PPP investment sector. Now, the PPP projects such as transformation project of Xi'an Entrepreneurial Coffee Characteristic Street, Pingyao County Urban Landscaping Project in Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, and comprehensive treatment of rural human settlements in Shuicheng County have been approved and determined.




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