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  Introduction of Gold Mantis
Gold Mantis was founded in 1993. After around three decades of development, it has formed a global building decoration enterprise group with decoration industry as its main body. It is a leader in the green, environmentally- friendly and healthy public and home-decoration industry.
Deeply rooted in the decoration industry, Gold Mantis provides design and construction service capabilities of the entire industry chain covering interior decoration, curtain wall, landscape, intelligence, and soft decoration. The group company has more than 14,000 employees and a designer team of over 6,000 people. Its subsidiary HBA is the first brand of hotel interior design worldwide.
Golden Mantis Decoration, a subsidiary of the Group, is the first listed company in China's decoration industry and has been the first of China's top 100 decoration companies for 20 consecutive years. It has completed projects such as Bird's Nest, Great Hall of the People, National Grand Theatre, Shanghai Centre, Beijing Daxing Airport, Beijing China Zun, the main venue of G20 Summit, the main venue of SCO Summit and the main venue of Shanghai Fair and so on. It has won a total of 142 Luban Awards and 528 China Decoration Awards. It is the decoration enterprise with the most national awards.

In late years, the EPC model is becoming the development direction of the national construction industry that guides and promotes structural upgrade of the engineering market. Based on the Group's advantages in resources and management of the whole industry chain of architectural design and construction including civil construction, mechanical and electrical, curtain wall, landscape, interior decoration, intelligence, soft decoration and so on, Golden Mantis' EPC model caters to the customer's needs and carries out general contracting for the whole stage or several stages of the project.


China's urban construction will focus on renovation and reconstruction rather than large-scale demolition and large-scale construction. With its strong technical strength and professional design and construction team, Gold Mantis has launched a wealth of projects in such areas as old communities, hotels, factory renovations and future communities. It has accumulated ample experience in urban renewal planning consulting and operation management, and has become a comprehensive solution provider in the domain of urban renewal.


By revolving upon its major business, Gold Mantis has propelled advancement in transformation and upgrading, and has made breakthroughs in prefabricated decoration. In 2017, Gold Mantis won the title of "the first batch of prefabricated building bases" issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. At present, R&D, design and construction services in prefabricated batch hardcover, office and hotel have been carried out throughout the country.
In late years,, Gold Mantis has been targeting at hospital, medical and purification space markets, expanded general contracting and special business for medical and nursing construction, and it is committed to becoming a full professional service provider for hospital construction and an expert in purification and laboratory engineering. Gold Mantis·Professional medical team established in 2004 with more than 300 design and construction works covers eneral hospitals, specialized hospitals, traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, stomatology specialized hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, maternal and child health care centers, health check-up centers and so on.


LJT Intelligent Company, a subsidiary of the group, is a high-tech enterprise that integrates industry solutions, independent software and hardware research and development, system integration and services. Its business covers building intelligence, smart cities, smart transportation, smart buildings, and smart medical care field.

Gold Mantis 3D Software Co., Ltd., subsidiary under the flagship of Group, is a high-tech enterprise that specializes at development and application of decoration, BIM, VR and display systems. Its four major plates cover Qujia decoration BIM system, VR platform, BIM consulting and interactive display. It is dedicated to providing digital solutions for design, operation and marketing display for real estate, public decoration, home decoration, home building materials and other industries, and offering information-based services to many large-scaled real estate enterprises.

After around three decades of development, Gold Mantis has piled up its own corporate culture by adhering to the"customer-based, hard-work-centered, long-term persistence-oriented, criticism and self-criticism and life-long study", and "commitment to improving living environment" as its corporate mission. Gold Mantis hews to the business philosophy of "gaining success after success gained by customers", realizes value-added for customers with professional technology and professional services, and strives to build the company into "one that is "prime choice for customers, pride of employees that is respected by peers, and acknowledged by the whole society".


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