horse culture museum , Heilan
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  Public Buildings Major Cases
Changsha International Conference CenterSuzhou Bay Grand TheatreXi'an Olympic Sports CenterJiNing Art MuseumJiNing MuseumXingHan scenic spotHanzhong museumXi 'an Silk Road Exhibition CenterTongguanyao Performing Arts Center
Xining Tong Meng ParadiseMeixihu international culture & arts centre grand theatreThe han dynasty culture museumShanghai cooperation organization summit venueQingdao grand theatreJiangsu Grand TheaterWuzhen International Internet Exhibition & Convention CenterLuo Hong Art GalleryHangzhou International Expo Center
horse culture museum , Heilan Luoyang City established in the Sui and Tang dynastiesNanjing Dabao'en TempleSouth of the Yangtze RiverTianjin Wuqing TheaterNiushou Mountain Relic Park, Nanjing Wuqing MuseumTaiyuan MuseumDatong Museum
Wuhai Museum of ArtLiaoning culture and Art CenterThe Nanjing youth Olympic Games Centerluoyang city in sui and tang dynasties the hallWuzhen Grand TheatreNational Stadium-Bird's NestNational Grand TheatreWuxi Lingshan Vatican PalaceStanding Chamber of Great Hall of the People
Jiangsu Hall of Great Hall of the PeopleNational Museum of ChinaSuzhou MuseumCapital MuseumChina Aviation MuseumWuxi Grand TheatreWuzhen Grand TheatreShanxi Grand TheatreSuzhou Art Museum
Huancuilou Weihai, ShangdongDayuan Cultural Park of Jiuhua MountainSuzhou Cultural Arts CentreShanghai Oriental Art CenterRenmin University of China LibrariesDatangxishi District, Xi'an

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